We understand that finding out you’re pregnant can be overwhelming,
and that making a decision about your pregnancy can be really hard.

Our tests are urine tests.

  • Our tests are lab-quality and 99% accurate.
  • The results are immediate, so you will not have to wait to find out whether your test is positive or negative.
  • If your test is positive, we can provide you with a confirmation

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The Pregnancy Center is a safe and confidential place.  When you come to the Pregnancy Center, you will fill out a request for services form.  Your Client Educator will take you to a private room to talk about your situation. Book an appointment here.

Yes we encourage you to bring your boyfriend with you.  It is important for him to understand what you are going through.  For client confidentiality, we will begin by talking to you alone, and then we can include him when you both are ready. Book an appointment here.

The Pregnancy Center is here for you if you have had an abortion! We offer support groups for girls and women who have recently aborted, and a group for those who had an abortion several years ago.  We understand that you may not want to talk about it with anyone, but we encourage you to do so.  Our group leaders are post-abortive and care about helping you through this.

The Pregnancy Center offers free ultrasounds to anyone who has a positive test and meets a few basic requirements. Your Client Educator and Nurse will make an appointment with you or you can book an appointment here. In some cases, we can do the ultrasound on the same day as your pregnancy test.

Confidentiality is a top priority at the Pregnancy Center.  We never give out information about you without your consent.

Many women find themselves in hard places when they find out they are pregnant.  The Pregnancy Center will help you find the resources you need in your community for parenting and adoption. Book an appointment here.