Feeling stuck like you can’t get out stuck? Stuck at school, stuck at work, or stuck in a relationship or maybe even stuck in a pregnancy. No one likes to feel this way.  So what do you do?  You may feel so overwhelmed that you can’t see your options. We would love to help you see your options not only in pregnancy.  We are here to help you walk through relationships too.  You may feel like you are stuck in a relationship because you are pregnant.  The good news is that you are never really stuck and we can help you see that.  When you see all the information before you then that empowers YOU to make decisions to feel unstuck!  You see knowledge is power! Where do you get your knowledge from and who do you get it from?  Sometimes that can be a road block.  At the Pregnancy Center we are committed to giving you truthful information that will help empower you so you don’t feel stuck anymore.  Maybe you are feeling stuck in a situation right now and don’t know how to change it.  I will give you a simple exercise to do at home.  It is called the SODAS method.  Take the example of I feel stuck at my job.  So let’s use this formula to help resolve this.

S stands for situation, O stands for options, D stands for disadvantages, A stands for advantages, S stands for solution

The situation is you feel stuck at your job. What are your options?  You could stay at your job or you could leave the job. What are the disadvantages of staying at your job? I don’t like my job, it makes me miserable, I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything of value. It doesn’t pay my bills.  Feeling stuck here forever.   What are the advantages of staying at my job?  A paycheck, maybe don’t like to be a quitter, or have friends there or like your boss.  After weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages you then can see  a solution a little more clearly.  I would write this all out on paper so you have it front of you.  So what is the solution?  Well there are a lot of other variables like finances and your personal situation that I have not included.  Part of the solution could be a game plan to help you with a timeline of when you can leave that job and get another one.  A goal that you will save enough money or pay off a bill first while looking for another job.  Maybe you need experience somewhere to get out of the stuck job you are in.  Volunteering and internships help greatly.  I hire from my volunteers first at the Pregnancy Center.  I am sure other jobs do too.  There are many many opportunities out there for you when you are prepared.  Remember knowledge is power.  You have to put the knowledge in front of you.  If you are facing  an unplanned pregnancy and are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do we are here for you.  We will lay out all your options so you have a SODAS in front of you.  It will help you to see your situation a little more clearly.  We have a very dedicated team of people to help you get unstuck.  Problem solving can be overwhelming, but it helps to go through this with people you can trust, who will be compassionate, who will not judge you, and care about you no matter what the situation is.  The sooner you get get rid of that unstuck feeling the better you will feel.  We have all been there!  So of my team have been in your shoes with an unplanned pregnancy.  They know what that feels like.  That is why they want to help you at the Pregnancy Center. Get unstuck today!

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