You may be wondering why the Pregnancy Center offers free limited ultrasounds.

You may question if you need an ultrasound when you are unsure about your decision. The Pregnancy Center is a good place to start if you think you are pregnant and are undecided about what you will do. We care about you and your health so much that we offer a free ultrasound to you with some limitations.  A positive pregnancy test is usually the first indication you are pregnant, but it can’t really tell you much about your pregnancy.

The first reason you should have an ultrasound  is to confirm that there is a viable pregnancy. The ultrasound can tell us if your pregnancy is growing where it should.

The second reason to have an ultrasound is to find out how far along you are. This is important when you are considering different options.

The third reason an ultrasound is important is to see if there is a heartbeat.

Did you know that a baby has a heartbeat around 21 days of development?  This is important information that we think you should know before making a decision. We believe in giving you accurate information about all of your options so that you can make an informed decision. We also don’t benefit from your decision. Remember the ultrasound is free. There is no profit here! Your Client Educator will give you more information about your options. Our nurse and sonographer will give you important information about your ultrasound. Remember you are not alone! We have a team of people wanting to help you through this journey. It is important to know that we will never interfere if you are already under a Doctor’s care. It is their decision to give you an ultrasound. If you have questions about your options then we would be happy to answer them. Ultrasounds are valuable tools and if you test positive at our Center than we will do our best to provide you with one. You can call and make an appointment for a free pregnancy test or make one on-line.


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