I know you are scared and may not know who to talk to.You may feel alone and hopeless because your life is changing. Changing in a way you didn’t plan. Every thought consumes you because you are pregnant and don’t know what to do.  You may just want it all to go away, but then realize you have no choice but to make a choice.  Which one?  They all seem hard!  You may be thinking if I parent, wait, how can I do that without income or help?  Or I can’t do the adoption thing and give my baby away.  Abortion would make it go away, but I am afraid. I know it can be overwhelming sorting through your thoughts and emotions during a time that is stressful. If anyone understands that it is Jennifer,  She has been there and wants to help you walk through your decision. Jennifer is one of my Client Educator ‘s and understands how hard this decision is. This is her story……….

I was looking for acceptance from the culture, and had a deep longing to fit in. In high school I found myself pursuing drinking and partying. Life was about me, having fun and gaining what I thought was acceptance from my peers. I didn’t really know how to feel God’s love and acceptance just the way I was. My first year of college I found myself in a relationship where we were both lost and confused, and we were engaging in sex. It wasn’t long until I became pregnant. Neither of us knew what a healthy relationship should look like. We had so many struggles, that during my pregnancy, I felt like I had been abandoned by him. And during this time when I felt scared and alone, I had a number of people suggest to me that I have an abortion.

I was terrified to tell my parents, because I knew they were unhappy with the choices I was making. But they saw my brokenness and supported me, and I found a light of hope.

 I was unsure of myself, vulnerable, and confused. But God did a really amazing thing. Through word of mouth and then by happenstance, I landed in an office that was in the business of saving babies (which I didn’t realize at that time). Through this doctor’s quiet character and acceptance, I had another light of hope. Yes, I could have this baby, and they scheduled my next appointment.

After my daughter was born, God placed on my heart, that no matter how I felt, it wasn’t for me to decide or control, what her relationship would look like with her Dad. That was a struggle for me, because I felt so rejected by him. I had to swallow my pride. God trusted me with one of His creations, and I in turn had to trust God to shape my daughter’s relationship with her Dad as He saw fit. Her Dad had hardships he never wanted or asked for. This baby wasn’t just mine. God gave him a gift too.

 Not having the father around during pregnancy and childbirth only enhanced my insecurity. But God used that difficult time and gave me a passion to care for women who would walk through the doors of the Pregnancy Center.

Some people might say that I chose to give life, but the reality is she saved mine!  

If you would like to schedule a pregnancy test with Jennifer just call us and request her.



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