I am always amazed when a tiny bit of color pushes up from the dark, cold, barren ground.  It is like this beauty has been sleeping all winter long and now it is time to make a presence once again. Though the winter months can seem long, and at times unbearable, I know that Spring will return and grace us with it’s beauty.  I hold on to that hope and promise that the flowers will bloom again and the trees will come back to life.

The Pregnancy Center is here for you when you find yourself in a dark, cold place.  We will help you push through your situation and see beauty again.  I know that because we have compassionate, professional women to help you walk through your journey.  Women who care about you without judgement.  Women who care about your mind, body and spirit.  A beautiful place that does not benefit from your decision.

An unplanned pregnancy may feel like a dark place that is unbearable!

No one should walk through that alone! 

You are not alone.  There is hope.

The Pregnancy Center is here for you……..

Kim McCarthy

Kim McCarthy – Center Services Director


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